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So i am a smoker who is trying to stop smoking as of 2 weeks (or so) ago. I stop for a few days and relapse. Its struggle but im sure i will win it.


Now why am i telling you this. I did a small "research" on singign and smoking trying to understand how does it affects it and similar. I read up on tons of sources so i wanted to summarize in a sentence or two and share a video with you.


Bassically ciggarete smoke is extremely hot and it dries out AND "BURNS" your vocal cords and that results in SWOLLEN CORDS and surroundings. That fact alone diminishes your vocal range because of the fact that cords are unable to stretch thin, which is what happens physiologically on high notes, because of the swelling.


In adittion cancer and nodules are given fact.


Also interesting thing. After stoping smoking you will have a period of 1-3 months (ussualy) where you will feel like you can sing even worse. And that is because you body starts creating tons of mucous to release toxins from body that will act impairing to your vocal abilities. Also people with swollen cords due to smoking develope a different type of technique due to the fact your vocal cords are not "normal" and you cant use the proper tecnhnique the same way you do when cords are healthy (status quo). So rehabilitating your voice after you stop smoking is a must. It almost feels like you are doing it all over again.


Here is a video of vocal cords comparission of healthy and smokers cords.


Notice that this video shows an extreme smoker (nodules and pre-cancer) but swelling and redness is happneing 6-8 months of smoking pack a day and persist thruout your "smoking career".



Hope you find this interesting!!

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Not only will you have mucus for a while as your body expels the stuff, but your breathing will change and you may find yourself re-calibrating how much breath pressure you use to sing. Nominally, you will now have more pressure and also more capacity. And, to some extent, your vocal tone can change, as any by-products from smoking are no longer present.

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