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Started a new warm up regime a few weeks ago, chanting.

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James Lugo

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It is amazing. I started doing yoga and was starting to chant some, did it years ago in LA. anyway about 4 weeks I found this track on iTunes:



I liked it, so I put it in my vocal warmup playlist like 10 times in a row so it just keep looping for about an hour. I have been doing it everyday before any singing. Also using an oil diffuser humidifier with echinacea and tea tree oils in it to open my sinuses. I've been doing it in almost pitch black in my office everyday. It is incredible. I also have that LELO vibrator on my throat:



The combination is absolutely incredible. Also drinking throat coat tea and warm water. With my rigorous teaching schedule, vocal and writing sessions and singing in a band my voice is under a lot of pressure to perform to it's best at all times, this practice has really helped.


Then after I do this for an hour or so I will start doing standard warm ups and then songs. It's worth looking into to supplement what you are already doing. Also I have found the invaluable act of training the falsetto everyday. That s**t works to open up the top end and make it ping.

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with matching purse, Ron...lol!!!

Just let me know what you are wearing ahead of time so we don't accidently wear the same thing, which is considered awkward. Or is it already awkward to talk about wearing dresses?


I seem to be derailing this thread with my twisted sense of humor. Sorry, James.

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