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Impersonation Vs Interpetation

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I love Jamie, he should be considered a national treasure. Talented, smart, yet humble and coming from beginnings more humbling than mine. Thanks for bringing that in, G.

No problem. He's also a fellow Texan :D


​Yep, he was adopted and raised in Terrell, almost 2 hours east of Dallas. You can hear his slight drawl when he is not doing a character.

​Yeah. Southern accents tend to sound great to me in everything but Classical :lol:

After posting that video earlier, I remembered this girl. She's another person who's great at impressions. She's only been out in the mainstream for the past 2 years. Before that, she was on a few kid's tv shows. She's got several years of training and she was on broadway when she was younger.

Her Katy Perry impression is so great that I really can't discern her from Katy. Her Shakira is awesome too. Don't recognize the singers from some of the other ones she did.





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