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Eric! Name's Brian from CA. Nice to meet you! Anyway, I've gone through life knowing that I sound different from just about everyone else. This began at age 12 and now that I'm almost 51 is clearly a broadening trend in sound frequency and octave drops. To me, the low end of operatic bass is midrange E2. What is called "Deep C" C2 isn't really that deep. I heard you begin speaking here and I knew you'd be a good person to ask. What do I do when my singing range is B0 up to C4? No wonder people look at me oddly when I do descending scales and really hit the contra octave loud slow and full power.

I would love to hear from you, Eric of Florida. I feel certain you experience the same reactions I get all the time. Walk into a crowded room full of people conversing, I begin to speak and within a few seconds all others have gone quiet...maybe I should use a speaking voice more in 70-100 Hz range than 40-80 Hz. All they hear is sub bass pitch; the actual spoken message gets lost.

Brian of CA

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