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FINALLY referred to ENT...but a nasoscopy?!?

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Hey all!

I was here previously (under a different name - couldn't find a way to sign back into my account for some reason??) and everyone was really helpful. So I thought I'd post an update.

For months and months now, I've had increasing problems with my throat. It began with the flu, after which it took around 6-7 weeks to get my voice back. At the start of this year, my voice began feeling croaky, hoarse and occasionally strained (not to be confused with a sore throat - it feels as though I've been shouting for a long time). Then I started feeling as though there was a lump in my throat at times and I felt as though some food was getting stuck when I ate. Again, it was now and again. But over the last couple of months, I feel as though something is stuck for a while pretty much every time I eat. I can feel a lump there all the time. My voice isn't quite Kathleen Turner-esque but it's very croaky and I have to make a real effort to talk.

All of this means that I've gone from having a fairly reasonable voice to barely being able to sing at all! It's devestating because prior to this I sang constantly...in the car, when I cooked, when I was doing housework... And I'm a big talker as well, which is why my GP thinks it could b vocal nodules.

Well, it's taken me MONTHS to get this far but my GP has finally referred me to an ENT and I have an appointment next Wednesday (hurrah!). My problem is this: I've got a VERY severe sickness phobia and they're going to want to do a nasoscopy. I know they anaesthatise the back of your throat but I'm not convinced it'll be enough. Is there another way??? I'm beyond terrified, however badly I was a diagnosis. Help!!!!!

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I've had that tube down my nose more times than I remember now. The closest word I have for it is a bit 'gross?'


It's generally not very painful as the anesthetic works so you don't have much to worry about. You'll feel the weird anesthetic for awhile after, but give it a couple of hours and it's like it never happened.


They can spot things like muscle tension dysphonia or a fold malfunction at times. It can be helpful, and if it isn't at least you gave it a shot.

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