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Non-Surgical Voice Repair: Could You Prevent & Should You Try To Avoid A Vocal Surgery?

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Firstly, the answer for the question whether or not you can prevent a vocal surgery, in majority of cases would definitely be yes.

We have seen and heard a lot of artists with great talents and beautiful songs, but the majority of those artists, unfortunately, did not have much of an idea about proper vocal technique, which actually would prevent those beautiful natural voices from, in some cases, severe damage.

They’re usually picked up by the industry based on their talents, looks, and in some cases, well-written songs.

Also, I will never forget, “until the day I die”, when I had an appointment with Sony Music Canada, and before starting the conversation about my own artist, the two Sony executives, almost, right away, when I sat down on the chair in their office, exclaimed: “Where have you been when we needed you last night? We flew over an artist from Vancouver and could hardly pull out any vocals out of him! It was more like we were pulling out our own hair!”

I still, being somewhat naive (at the time), exclaimed: “If he couldn’t sing, so to speak, to save his life, why in the world you flew him over?”

“Yes Diana”, they said. “We understand your point, but he is such a good song writer!”

My question was, and still is, if the person is a good songwriter, does it automatically make him a good singer?

If, for example, I am a good driver, does it automatically make me a car mechanic or a driving instructor?

For some reason, it is presumed that if the artist is a good songwriter, good looking and got his/her charismatic performance down pat, it grants him a “license” to be a “professional” singer.

In my books, it’s called a “license to kill” and in this instance and reference, to kill their own voice no doubts!


To be able to withhold the pressure on the human voice and vocal anatomy, you really need to know what you are doing with respect of the mechanics of the voice.

One more time again, if I am not a car mechanic, I will, for example, not mess with the car engine, carburetor or alternator for that matter.

I will hire an authorized, licensed car mechanic.

For some reason, neither the singers nor the music industry professionals ever think in this capacity or terms.

They overload their artists with huge tasks concerning their voices and then they get surprised that the artists’ voices seize and most likely, the singers (under their, so called, care) will be facing the vocal surgery.

To answer the second question whether or not the artist could avoid the vocal surgery is not always straightforward and not very easy.

If the voice is damaged severely, the non-surgical approach, at that time, may not already be feasible.

Since the artists are under the contract and have to record, perform and tour, when they feel that something unusual is happening with their voice, they have no choice as to continue pushing and pulling their vocal anatomy to the max until they severely strain their voices and could not anymore pull anything out of it.

At that time, usually in the doctor’s office, they discover that they have bleeding vocal cords, nodules or polyps on their vocal anatomy and/or amuscle tension dysphonia coupled with the acid reflux and fibromyalgia associated with their voice disorders diagnosis.

Majority of the above listed vocal issues are possibly solvable via a special technique, which addresses the lift of the voice off of the vocal anatomy and then the concurrent natural treatment to aid the wounded throat and larynx flora.

So if the artist is practicing a safe and sound vocal technique which allows him/her to save and protect the vocal anatomy and assure the duration of his/hers vocal health, the vocal surgery will never be necessary.

Calling all artists!

If you can AVOID a vocal surgery, please do.

I am sure everybody remembers the case of Joan Rivers.

She went to the outpatient auto laryngology department in one of the prominent New York’s hospitals, to remove a simple polyp…

We all know that she never got out of the operating table.

Safe voice revolution?

Yes, it is.

If you don’t practice “safe voice” your life might be at stake!
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