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New and excited to learn

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Hey guys , I am new here ( obviously) 

i have played the guitar on/off for 10 years now 

I tried singing at one point ( when beginning) and basically stopped and never tried it again

the past year I have been playing a lot more and reading / investigating how to get better ( scales chords theory) only what I could understand , 


so a week ago I had few drinks before getting home , I've always wanted to sing songs like


glycerine , Daniel (fuel) , wish you were here basically the songs I learnt starting off . And a bunch of songs in Spanish like ballads and such. 


So I got home early and was practicing guitar and I started yo invent a game on the guitar to keep active / going and not give up on this try after many years of blacklisting singing from guitar play.


so I started on the 12 fret e string then 2nd fret e string going back and forth and I would 

IM A SHARK (back and forth)




then I added a turtle for the b string and he would just



sliding up and down the string enjoying his swim


so the shark would belch/scream 

and the turtle scream his iiiiiis .

the shark would then bounce from octave to octave hunting the turtle for lunch, when he ate the turtle he would go back to his home spot . The 2nd and 4th fret of the e string (brass) one. And then change his voice to still screaming I AM THE KING OF MY ZONE I AM THE ALPHA SHARK ( proud of his hunt) he sounded kind of like a Dracula type of voice . So for a while I would have those 3 characters with different tones do what they do , to change tones or whatever I integrated indecisive killer whale ,megaton shark ( he barred the EAD strings.so the game was for I have no clue , but it opened up something inside me . I was doing that for 6 hours none stop.

i always thought singing was something your born with and during one hours I notice a change , how? Of all the little mini games I made what worked what didn't I don't know. So when I noticed a change I would try a song , see a positive difference compared to my normal murmur murmur whatever I do. I then added sum41 guy, so he would randomly sing one of his songs how sum 41 does , while I would play notes in a certain scale around the fretboard. When he would mess up I took away a 1 and now sum40 was made , and he sings louder and try's harder to get his 1 back. Sum40 trying hard to get back to 41. So my night started to get interesting in the way of my voice is better than 6 hours ago.


i started to remember all the songs I wanted to sing and gave them a try , it was not 

oooolooooolooo good but I could tell someone was brewing in my throat , chest , breathing

heres where I can't describe in words


i felt I would kind of pocket inside my body/throat longer signings of the

AAAAs and OOOOs And iiiiiiiiiis, my terminology is not good sorry 

I felt my neck muscular stronger ... Super sore , the next day I screeched normal talk.

it was awesome.

So I go to sleep all excited and brainstorming how my playing is going to change no?

i have it I kept telling my self , obviously with more work to be done , but yeaaaah it's here ,

it felt like a machine with gears and the straps circulating around the motor all working together , feeling control over it . So I awake and sing the songs I tried the night before, and nothing . I didn't know why it went away no all dramatically and all. So immediately what am I doing wrong , I tried replaying the game but my memory was kind of not that good , I thought I had to do it exactly as I did , I remembered battleship shark/turtle/megaton shark , and other things I did but not the whole 6 hours.

basically that story was shared for you so you could get a picture of my experience. And now to bombard questions


1. Does a beginner singer need a practice routine or warm up to get a better sound?

or do you just randomly a the Os and iiiiii the iiiis then add a vowel before another? 

I noticed when my throat felt like I wanted to scratch it from the inside I sang better.


2. Should I put a goal of sat a song in mind to shoot for each session. ? Or is a couple better to not repeat parts you can't reach and spread out more.

i remember after 5-10 battles between newly allocated megaton shark and no second in line on the food chain shark, I paused , then tried a song out, then back to shark turtle hunt , then a song 

if someone here could guide me to a helpful link it would be awesome .


Thank you

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