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Tired Voice, keeps disappearing, presenting & singing 6 days a week

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Hi There!

I am struggling to keep my voice alive! I work split shifts as a children's entertainer 6 days a week, i present childrens gameshows and other activities during the day, i call bingo etc and then 5 days a week i perform a different 45 minute show each day, and sometimes more when i have to visit our sister park to cover for their vocalist. Now i know there's not a lot wrong with what im doing singingwise, i have spent time talking to my teachers and the support is there and im singing in the right place, i think where i'm struggling is with the talking and presenting.

I spend large amounts of time talking to guests over loud music and presenting is turning into a killer for me!

is there anything anyone can suggest to keep my speaking voice from affecting my singing voice?

Much appreciated! 

Penny xxx

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Ouch, sorry to hear that. As a vocalist, I really hate situations in which I have to speak over a loud volume. That is a lot harsher on the voice than singing is. I make a conscious effort not to shout in those circumstances. Try and get amplification, if possible!

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I do use a mic when im presenting and stuff...but a get too excited and end up shouting, i wonder if anyone had any tips regarding diaphramatical support whilst talking/shouting? ive not been in full voice for months because of this and its getting so frustrating knowing i can and have sung better but i just cant at present.

thanks muchly!

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What I've tried is to simulate the effect of shouting by speaking in the pitch you'd be at if you were shouting. So if I were to shout, most of my speaking notes would be in the F4-A4 range, for instance. Instead of shouting, I mix my voice to give the impression that I'm excited enough to be speaking high enough but in reality, I am bringing in head tones in my speaking voice to simulate an excited shout. It's helpful when I want to sound excited talking in between songs but I don't want to shout to do it :P

Also consider using ear plugs. You're much less likely to shout with them, though it might also dilute the experience being a host/emcee for an event.

I'll leave it to the rest to discuss support because I'm not very good at describing it.

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yeah, that's just the thing, you have answered your own question. Stop shouting. Especially when excited. Instead, find a way to let your voice ring, certainly use a mic. I don't want to hear from you how "tough" it is. It is tough. So, do it or lose your voice.

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