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Too Much Worried About my Sinus Infection

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Anette Go

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Hi Friends ,

This is my first post on themodernvocalistworld forum, I am very excited to view and share the experience with the voice professional. I am a high school student and part time singer, although I am still considering myself as a beginner in the singing world but I have sung since last 5 year. Now I want a standpoint in the music world. I usually go for singing auditions & short time performance on a live show for getting the fame. But sometimes I am feeling bad due to hesitance, on the auditions I lost my rhythm completely. I am taking green tea and some other herbs to make voice perfect. My friend suggests me 'Throat Saver Spray', really I don't know much about it. I found SuperiorVocalHealth selling this herb product. Did anybody used it before, please share experience with me .

Thanks in Advance


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  • Administrator

Welcome to the forum, Anette !

"Superior Vocal Health" products are superb ! Personally, I use : Vocal Rescue, Throat Saver, and Sinus Clear Out. Be sure to follow the instructions, however.

I also highly suggest the Vishudda Singers Tea. >> http://singerstea.com/

Excellent teas for singers !!!

I've tried various teas from other companies and the Vishudda teas are by far, the BEST !!!

Note : Since you have mentioned  "sinus infection", check out the Vishudda "Vocal Inhaler" as well ;)

Warmest Regards,


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