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Bromelain for mucus reduction

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The following came from an advertisement by Dr. David B. Engler, MD, with The Allergy Clinic in Houston.

As a natural substitute for Mucinex, bromelain is made from pineapple extract. "The German Commssion E, which is roughly German's Food & Drug Administration has approved bromelain for 'treament of sinus and nasal swelling'. The trick with bromelain is to take it an hour before you eat; otherwise it will simply digest the protein in the meal you just ate....."

Each capsule from "Whole Foods" contains 2400 GDUs, and Dr. Engler recommends one capsule before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Great! I didn't know this about bromelain!! Thanks so much.

I'm still "full of it" after the weird cold I had in Jan. I actually had a personal practice last week where I had to stop repeatedly and cough and clear for about 10 minutes! Never had that before. I was in a conundrum of course, trying to avoid intense clearing. (There's a question for this forum: can anyone offer techniques on "gently" clearing?) Honestly, I was so exasperated that I finally gave up on that tune! LOL And at a very long band rehearsal yesterday, I had to clear between many lyric lines throughout almost every song. Cool thing is my voice was really flowing for the first part of rehearsal in spite of this, to the degree that one of the band members commented postively (which is rare since with new material people are usually listening to their own parts almost to the exclusion of anything less than a nuclear explosion). But, I ended up hoarse afterward and I believe it was due to having to clear so much.

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