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Preliminary Discussion Regarding July's Challenge

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Hey all,

I thought now would be a good time to suggest how things are going to go down for next month. Being short on time and the fact that people just don't log in every single day sometimes, I think it would be good to make things clear ahead of time, so people know how selection will go down before it's time for selection.

So, what the plan has been is that voting for new genres would  open up on the 26th of the month. July's challenge is meant to start on July 6th. June's challenge also ends on July 6th.

I think the final solution we can use here, so that from now on we can vote for everything, will be this:


Let's open voting on the 25th of the month from now on. Let's open voting on June 25th, which will be for genre selection. We'll be doing two genres again. Voting will be open for 4 days. Voting will close on the 29th in this case.


Voting will open for song selection on the 29th. It will be open for 3 days. This won't be a poll. Everybody can suggest two songs for each genre, just like before. This will end on the 2nd.


Voting for the challenge songs will open on the 2nd, and it will run for 4 days. From July 2nd to July 6th.


The challenge for July will begin on the 6th.


Does everybody think this is good? If not, make it clear. Remember, I am merely the facilitator of these challenges. I try to organize things in a way to try to keep everyone involved.

These are the genres, once again.

















We did Rock in May. We are currently doing Country and Jazz. That still leaves Blues, Pop, Folk, R&B, and Gospel. Remember, the goal of these challenges is to get everybody doing different things. We want everybody to get out of their element and get them used to doing this stuff. This will allow as many people to get involved as possible, because the people who use this forum don't all listen to the same stuff, and, if the goal is to learn something other than what you're used to, plus still having the chance for your genre(s) of choice to be chosen, we're really including people (and there's also the fact that, for example, if Country is one of the chosen challenge genres, you don't have to sing a Country song like a Country song here. If your favorite genre is Rock or R&B, you can sing the challenge songs in those styles).

Country and Jazz were this month, so they will not be choices for this next month, just like Rock wasn't a choice for June. Rock will be back on the ballot this month. Of course, Rock can be voted in again, but it's also important to note that there are several genres that have yet to receive their first shots. Let's make a solid effort to give everything a chance, folks. If it gets close to Christmas time, and we still have genres that we haven't done yet, things may need to be reevaluated.


So, if everyone is alright with what I proposed up there with the dates, then we will proceed. The topic regarding rules and guidelines will be edited, and this is what we'll go by from now on.. This topic will close on the 25th, and the genre voting topic will go up.

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Alright, cool, Bono. Looks like you're the only one who responded, so this is what we're going to do from now on.

I'm always interested in new genre ideas. I think we could use a couple more. Maybe I'll make a topic where everyone can talk about that. Musicals would be great. I also think a holiday music challenge. would be really cool.

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