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Brassy voice effect?

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering about that weird voice effect that makes your voice sound really "brassy/rumble-ish"

Since "brassy effect" isn't a real complete description, i have put a link to you tube (the thing i'm referring to is when the blond guy in the suit, Barney Stinston, sings "No, I won't shed no tears!" and starts doing some funny scat with that brassy effect. It's hilarious when he does it!)

So my question is:

Is that bad for the voice? I know there are ways aren't harmful to produce fiery/gritty sounds but i never really thought about that one until i saw the episode of that show.

If it is safe to do, then what are some famous examples of singers doing it?

If it isn't, how come and is there any other way?

Your voice expertise and knowledge will be very appreciated

Thank you!

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