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RYV: Bullfrogs and Vocal Fitness

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In Jaime Vendera's book 'Raise Your Voice' these two concepts are featured. It's difficult to explain the mechanics of these exercises without just copy and pasting from the book, but I'm sure many of you have this anyway (I have the 2nd Edition, I do not know if these feature in the 1st Edition).

I approached these exercises with an air of caution. Jaime is a brilliant man, but these sounded like they could possibly cause harm. Anyway, 'Vocal Fitness' which is an idea penned by Jim Seitzer. Jim Seitzer is a man who, strangely, I am unable to find any information about outside of the actual book, which somewhat crippled the validity of this section for me.

Well after performing these exercises my throat definitely felt the 'pump' that Schwarzenneger talks about in those slightly odd bodybuilding videos, but I didn't notice anything happen to my voice really. Throat still has that typical muscle ache a few days later, though it isn't uncomfortable or anything.

Same for the bullfrog, except I noticed my voice was a bit deeper for a little while after, but that quickly faded. I presume that this is because my larynx was still holding the contraction which kept it low, but then relaxed into it's usual position.

Anyway, I just wanted opinions from you guys. I'm asking here and not on the voice connection, because this will obviously be impartial.

Has anyone seen any results using these exercises? Scientifically are they erroneous, potentially harmful? Is it something that won't cause harm, but is a bit rubbish anyway? What do we think?

I do not mean to doubt Jaime Vendera. He is a fantastic teacher and a better singer than I can ever hope to be, but this raised doubts in my mind.

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