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Discussion of the Addition of New Challenges

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Hey all,

I had been thinking about adding a few new genres or categories to our challenge possibilities. Bono brought it up the other day, so I know I'm not alone now. I'm wondering who else is thinking about this.

I've been thinking about certain specialty challenges. These are ones where everybody doesn't have to do the same song. For example, with 4th of July approaching, here in the United States, and this being an international forum, I thought about the idea of a National challenge, where everybody picks a song that has to do with the country they live in. For example, I might do something like Georgia by Ray Charles.

Maybe a celebration challenge that focuses on holidays would be cool too.

Bono already brought up musicals. Does anybody else have any ideas?

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Here are a few ideas -

1. Sing a song released the year you were born

2. A song from a film/television show/musical soundtrack/score

3. A song/performance that expresses a particular given emotion, i.e sadness, loneliness, envy, pleasure, pride, rage

4. Some kind of foreign language/international category could fit here?

5. Songs only in one particular key or tempo range. Like that one Alicia Keys' album. [Were they all in the same key though, don't remember...]

I hope these aren't too broad, but they were just kind of spontaneous/borrowing from a bingo-type singing game I've done before.

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