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I often think of Michael Barnes (The singer from Red) as the male counterpart of Amy Lee from Evanescence

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They both strike me as lyric voice types trying to fatten their tone in the belting parts. It sounds like they are singing within their mouths or something.

Please discuss, and those of you who are knowledgeable, please explain.

  they both have this totally smooth and powerful belting tone

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Can you show an example of Amy Lee trying to belt? The stuff of Evanescence I have heard she doesn't really sound like she is belting. I would also ask, is she belting and failing at it? And how do we know it's a failure? Is it a horrible sound or wrong for her genre? How is her genre supposed to sound? Or, assuming Evanescence was trying to be a metal core band, how is a woman supposed to sound in that genre? And are you or others saying that she can't sing that genre because she doesn't sound like John Bush or Phil Anselmo? And why is that?

I mean, it's an interesting discussion, I just think it needs some definition.


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