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  I recently had a breakthrough......It only took 40+years :huh: :4:    As a child and growing up I would imitate cartoon voices, High voices and Low voices.......For some dumb reason I never used them for singing, Except imitating those singers who already sound Cartoony ( Axl Rose, Brian Johnson). I guess I wanted my voice to sound cool or something, anything but cartoony.

   But when using some of the cartoon voices I could easily produce pitches pretty much anywhere in my range (on a spoken phrase)......I was playing with one of the Exercises in "Four Pillars of Singing" and Robert does tell you to Play with this particular one......I ended up in one of my "Cartoon Voice" configurations and there was no problem keeping the configuration through the passaggio (E4 to A4 range)........Here is the breakthrough........What causes these Cartoon Voices are an imbalance somewhere along the line...Too much compression......Too Much Twang.......Too much Larynx manipulation...... Too much lift of soft Palate.......Too much air......Or just not enough of something somewhere.

     SOME of these exercises are MEANT to over use some aspect or another of the Vocal package......WHILE TRAINING do not be thinking you are doing something wrong Because it sounds too cartoony.....What is making that Cartoony sound is what is being strengthened and it just may be the Week Point in your normal singing voice.

   I will give you One example...... Foghorn Leghorn....If you are having trouble Dampening your larynx (Dampening is slightly different than lowering) Imitate Foghorn Leghorn.

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