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Vocal Fire Warm Up

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Kevin Richards

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Vocal Fire Warm Up

Vocal Fire Warm Up

A proper vocal warm up is essential to maintaining your singing and speaking voice over the course of your lifetime. Professional singers and public speakers have known for hundreds of years that properly preparing the voice before a performance is the only way to inspire confidence and reach a true emotional connection with an audience. Vocal Fire also includes a special cool down routine to help prevent hoarseness and soothe a tired voice.

  • Easy to do "on the go" exercises that effortlessly warm up up your voice without needing vocal scales.
  • How to develop very strong and even breath support - essential for a healthy, balanced voice.
  • Understand the reasons why a proper vocal warm up - done everyday - helps promote a healthy body.
  • Discover voice balancing techniques that clear your voice of bumps and cracks in just minutes.
  • Includes an exclusive 35 minute video with more vocal warm up tips.



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