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Vocalizeu Artist Intensive Masterclass & Teacher Masterclass

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What an experience I had teaching two masterclasses at Mount Saint Mary's University in Brentwood, California for The Vocalizeu artist intensive week, April 10-19th, 2015.


I have to admit, I was extremely nervous as I do not like public speaking. Throw a wig on me and ask me to perform for thousands- that's easy. But speaking about something as divided and controversial as singing technique, well, that's another animal.  During the months leading up to the presentation, I was trying to figure out how to present my philosophies about singing not only to a room full of artists, performers, singers, and musicians, but also to a round table of "who's who" in the singing/science of singing community such as Mindy Pack, Dave Stroud, and Karin Titze Cox MA CCC/SLP/Vocologist (Daughter of Dr. Ingo R. Titze- if you don't know him, Google him. He's basically the father of science and practice of voice rehab. Nobody is more in the know of voice than this brilliant man) as well as many other professional teachers.


With that being said, I wrote some notes and tried to follow a script. But in the end, I just had a blast helping a lot of singers. Everyone at the Masterclass was so understanding of my nerves. They put me at ease so I was able to explain and demonstrate the tools that I have been using onstage and in my home, scaring my neighbors to death, for the past 25 years. Not to mention my wife and daughter dealing with my ups and downs and keeping me moving forward as an artist.


I would like to thank everyone for making this a great experience. A special thanks goes to Mindy Pack for asking me to do this, Dave Stroud for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself, Fawna and Ian for dealing with my horrible internet skills, and lastly Karin Titze Cox for giving me confidence by letting me know that the things I teach and believe in are solid, making it a little bit easier for me to believe in my abilities.


Thank you everyone! I can't wait to do more with the VIP Crew!







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This sounds really promising. It does sound really intimidating discussing singing technique in front of those who are likely a step closer to the mechanical apparatus. At least some of the speech therapists I encountered, had also worked in conjunction with laryngologists so they had access to the mechanisms in action and a rule of thumb from possible causes of issues.

But even with all the tools to measure evidence, they're still human and fallible. I know at least half of the ones I encountered were pretty adamant that I could choose to speak more correctly and any reported health problems (pain in my tongue) would just disappear. 

In all honesty, I'd trust you with my voice more than any laryngologist or speech therapist I've met. It's partly what is shown in this post here. You're still asking questions, still seeking answers, and still wanting to do the best you can. You're not satisfied with being an expert and having an opinion regarded by others as expertise.

I personally feel like I've had enough harm done to me by experts in my life and lost most of my trust for such a concept. It's the life long students I have interest and faith in. As much as it may be uncomfortable at times to have doubts about potential limitations of knowledge and experience, there's potential to expand, grow, and be incorrect gracefully. It can help avoid pitfalls of tunnel vision, cognitive bias, formulaic thought, and increased certainty in conclusions based on all the above.


An experience and researched individual never quite satiated by knowledge and experience: I'd trust such judgments more so from such than someone fully comfortable with their expertise in any subject matter.

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