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Dancing On My Own - Robyn - Review Please!

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... not edited, never had singing lessons, recorded raw using Photo Booth app in Mac - Need your opinions :)


I am doing a quick acoustical cover of Dancing On My Own by Robyn

I have never had any singing lessons, and this is NOT EDITED at all. I simply recorded it with Photo Booth app in my Macbook laptop while the backing track was played straight from Youtube.

Please let me know what you think and what I can improve. I don't mind harsh comments at all. Thank you!

The backing track was from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ueX2RjFSos


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Hi Joshua, thanks for your patience... Im super busy these days, but today I will try to get in here and catch up on some reviews. I hope some of my colleagues will chime in as well...

Your Song....

- I have not heard this song but its very pretty... that is here nor there, but nice song selection.

- You have a pretty voice and for sure... a good instinct for singing. You "feel" the song well when you sing, at least in this clip and that is one sign of someone that has great potential for singing. Your very "into" it... nice to see.

- The tone of your voice is a bit "weepy" or "sobbing", which is also lovely... it makes your singing "sob" or "cry" a bit... giving you a lot of passion in your voice and another reason why this is a good song choice for you and how your using your voice. But realize you don't have to sing in a "sob" all the time... you might consider learning how to use your voice in different ways and styles... such as training to build your belt voice.

- I understand that closing your eyes helps you to "feel" the song stronger and reach deeper into your heart... however, I would like to suggest that you open your eyes. You can't close your eyes throughout an entire song, regardless of how sad and pretty it is... you need to connect with your listener with your eyes, so learn how to sing this song just like this, with your EYES OPEN! Sing to the World in front of you, not just to yourself... 

- Your falsetto parts are ok... they are a bit pitchy, so work on fixing your intonation... but as far as sound color is concerned, its a nice falsetto and well suited for this song. If you ever want to learn to get more mass in your singing and belt, you will replace that falsetto configuration with something more muscle , but that will require some serious strength training and practice. 

- There are several parts in this performance that are pitchy... they need to be fixed. Go back to those parts and just work on the part, slowly and carefully.. .work on the transition INTO the part and well as the part itself.

I offer a comprehensive, vocal training program called, "The Four Pillars of Singing" that pretty much can give you just about anything your looking for in your training and development as a singer. The benefit to you would be that you would understand better how the singing voice works, would get some techniques that can help you to fix problems in your voice, and techniques that can help you to get stronger and more coordinated... there are about 40 vocal workouts, and detailed explanations on how to train the scales, vowel modification, onsets, singing in falsetto, etc... Let me know if you have any other questions, here is a link for that if you are interested, there is also a less expensive warm up package I put together for TMV World members as well.

"The Four Pillars of Singing" = Click HERE:

"TVS Warm Up Plus Routine" = Click HERE:

Its great to have you here and welcome !.... I hope this was helpful. 

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Hello Joshua, I wasn't super familiar with this song but I have heard it a few times. I love to see young people with passion to sing. I do think your overall tone is pleasant but could benefit from more breath support. As Robert said just a smidge pitchy at times but still your emotional connection to this song kind of carries you through this. I have one observation at the ending of a good many of your phrases just as a sustaining word is ending your voice pitches up just a bit almost like a hiccup. I am not sure if this is a stylistic choice or not. It wasn't bad but I noticed it after about the 5th time or so. If it is an artistic choice maybe mix it up a bit with some cleanly ending words. Singing the end of phrases is equally important as starting them well. Great job I would say. If you are serious about singing (and you appear to be) a online course or private lessons added to your passion and PRACTICE will yield amazing results I am sure. :D

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