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Voice is strained and low notes gone singing outside

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I've played 2 gigs recently outside with a PA setup.  I can't hear myself very well at that particular gig, especially on the lower notes.  Both times, after about 3 songs, I couldn't really hit low notes anymore.  If I can regularly sing comfortably down to a D3, for example, at these gigs I can sing down to maybe G3?  And after a few songs, my voice starts sounding and feeling strained and breathy.

I think it must be because I strain, even though I try not to, trying to hear myself over my guitar.  I don't have IEM's.  Maybe that needs to be my next investment.


What is causing this?  I'm drinking water between every song.

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Always make sure that you're properly warmed up before attempting anything that is at the extremes of your range. Most people think singing too high is damaging, but really, I was always taught that singing too low was even more so. This is because your vocal chords can thin out if you constantly use them that way so they retain elasticity, whereas when singing low, they can only go so thick, and past that you'll damage them. It sounds to me like you may need to just give your voice a break, drink lots of water the day before gigs, on the day and straight after the gig and finally try not to force the notes out, because it feels like it's more likely to come out, but really you're just pushing out air in large amounts, which really doesn't help the actual sound production and creates a breathier tone which makes your voice sound weaker and harder to hear. I know musicians don't get much sleep, but try to get as much as possible, and steam in order to keep your vocal cords nice and hydrated prior to performances.

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Also, Hanalei, D3 is quote a bit below G3. If D3 is comfortable to you, then G3 is already in your range.

For example C3 and above, I am clear as a bell. Below C3, my voice looses ring and and I really have to concentrate on what I am doing and it is low volume. You don't know how I cheated with mic proximity and track effects to do "Silent Lucidity" but still, that bottom note, an E2 was a sound that I made. But not all the time, mind you.

Could I make those stronger with practice? Maybe so. I have not worried about praciticing extreme ends of my voice, To me, a fluid passaggio was more important. I think that is because extreme ends can be achieve by one physical formation over another.

But passaggio that sounds like it does not exist? That takes work to achieve a sense of balance of factors that have to adjust, in real time.


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