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Other songs like these?

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Hello! I don't know if this is really the correct board to discuss this, but I didn't find a better one. So, I'm looking for new training songs. I like especially musical songs and other songs with beautiful melodies, and I like songs which move on a large scale. I'm a baritone, but I can transpose, so it doesn't really matter. Here are some songs I've been singing recently:

All I Ask Of You (The Phantom Of The Opera)
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Les Miserables)
Anthem (Chess)
Til I Hear you sing (Love Never Dies)
Josh Groban - To Where You Are
Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro
Idina Menzel - Let It Go
Memory (Cats)

Thanks for any Ideas!

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I would think that some songs might depend on your gender. For example, I have heard both males and females do "Time to Say Goodbye" in slightly different keys. My favorite recording of that is one of my two Sarah Brightman albums.


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Here's a few that might be what you're looking for based on what you listed:

1. Everything on Josh Groban's second album

2. He Lives In You - The Lion King [musical]

3. Stars - Les Miserables

If you are able to do duets,

4. I See the Light - Tangled

5. Sun and Moon - Miss Saigon

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Awesome, thanks! I just listened to Stars yesterday and downloaded a backing track. I hadn't heard other songs on that list and they all sound great. Gotta check that Groban's album...

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