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road to hell of chris rea

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je suis un chanteur amateur français et serait-il possible avoir un avis sur mon anglais svp ?




I am a French amateur singer and would it be possible to have an opinion on my English please ?
thank you very much)
my cover

and the moose signer

my cover


how to respond ?
I have no visible link as "quote" ?

Thank you
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I wasn't familiar with the original, so I checked out both.  I thought it had character, and I like that you have a french accent.

There was a fair amount of pitch awareness going on for this song straddling the line between singing and talk singing.

I feel like you could have a little more confidence and projection in the voice even if you wanted to remain in kind of folky talky style. There's a bit of searching and the timbre is a bit muffled. From what I've heard being a little muffled and having mushy diction is not unusual for a French accent.

Anyway, the first thing you should be doing, is continuing to sing. It takes time for the voice to develop agility and become accustomed to the act. Some stuff that you might work with technique wise:

1. Breathing. I find a great exercise is to inhale as if through a straw (real or invisible) and slowly exhale hissing an S like a snake sssss. This can help train your support. You should feel it below your ribcage and above your stomach. 

2. Timbre, you might want to try something opposite of what you're doing to see if helps with control. An English 'ahhhhhh' sound might be helpful for exploring brighter sounds.

3. Placement. I think toying with twang, (tip of tongue near bottom row of teeth, having the tongue arch upward, wide, and backward) could be interesting. It is very helpful for singers to get clarity, comfortable range, etc.

4. Pitching to a piano or something. Just to get the voice more agile and precise.  

Breathing and support should be universally useful. But I like the idea of you keeping a bit of the French identity longer and expanding and exploring from there. I like the sound of, but I feel like it could get a bit more punch and confidence which is likely to occur over time and experimenting with technique a little, but on the other hand, I'm not sure you should do those thing all the way and erase the accent. I think it adds intrigue and texture.  

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