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I am into a bit into country music, I am learning honky tonk and shuffle on piano, and some country influenced dansband. Now, I would want to sing while playing the piano. Where do I start? How can I learn to do this? I am not much of a singer.

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Doing multiple things at the same time is really hard for most people, any way you look at it. some people struggle with rubbing their belly and patting their head. I drum and do some singing and playing (although I sing separately most of the time now). The key to improving is practice (obviously). And one thing you can do is just try both, and enjoy it, even if it isn't coming together. But it's not just practice that helps most, but structured practice will accelerate it.

Things you need:

1.The coordination to do each act separately

2. A sense of rhythm so you can time each coordination's result in time

Some good exercises for a beginner. Are unison (doing something at the same time), emphasizing (only emphasizing certain notes), and alternating. Then keeping a beat with one, while or filling gaps with the other.

Once you can keep a beat, both directions. Then you would get into more rhythms and subdivide them. You might want to look into drum tab or something that has a pure notation of rhythm in space. So you could assign say X to your voice, and Y to piano, (or X and Y to each hand on the piano, for learning that)

1  2  3  4  

X  X  X   -

Y  -   Y  Y        

And do rhythms that aren't really on a 'beat' per se but need to come together anyway. Repeat that pattern well, at a good speed, and have a good feel it. Learn how to count out different beats and subdivide them. 

One way that really helps me to think is that syllables, plucking a guitar, hammering piano, in general these things either happen together or separately in time. When i first started, I thought I had to think of 'everything at once.' But a nice way to think about things, is it either something is exactly the same time, or some measurable time shortly before or afterward the other. If you get a feel for what it is like to be varying amounts of before or after each other and then jumping into togetherness, it helps a lot. 

But basically, you'll need to learn how to use both instruments in time.  Be prepared for it to be tough. It is for most people, but it's really pleasant. I find my brain enjoys the activity of synchronizing ings as it requires so much of me that I can't think too much about anything else. It's almost like how people describe meditation or an out of body experience. It lets other parts of my brain rest (thinking, mainly) and lets me feel lots of music happening in space. It's a really nice feeling. I'd recommend everyone tries it.

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         Either one of these tasks is hard enough by themselves.......For the piano(or guitar) I would start with learning Basic chord shapes and chord progressions. Everything in music is patterns. Go for the  simple main pattern first .......3 note chords......striking chord shapes with  simple rhythm patterns while learning to sing along.  After learning the basic chords and progressions, the fills are just a matter of moving your fingers within the chord shapes.

      Music seems complicated but when brought down to the basics it can be easier to understand. But you need to learn the Basics first............

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uh......Sing along with it maybe........Seriously, Singing and not being to serious about it is the best start.

Play with your voice and see what it will do and what it will not.

   How long have you played Piano and do you know Basic music theory stuff?   Find something simple that easily fits into your range at this point in your development and start from there.


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