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i have searched a lot to get vocal scales to practice  but im not so sure about it

so  would u please suggest me some samples of these scales

scales i need  are 

double octave scale  and 3 octave scale

i would also like what a long scale

i would like to get some samples so than i can play and practice


thank you

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its not about a scale, its how you do them.. you can exercise a simple 1 3 5 8 scale, and get 10 different results depending on how you execute them.

If you do nay nay, you get a light twangy coordination. If you engage more twang and m1 musculature you gain a belty coordination.

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I am not sure what you mean by long scale, unless it is analagous to Lilli Lehmann's "Great Scale." The great scale was going from your lowest usable note to your highest usable note and back down again, but holding each note for at least a few seconds.

You can design any scale that you want.

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