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Let's have some fun

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Hi Folks,

I thought this might be an interesting thing to explore.

We all have perceptions of vocal tone among various singers.  You could think that one singer or singers sound tonally similar to each other.  But just because you do, doesn't mean another person agrees. (You really have to know your singers and how they sound to you to play with this.)  

So, I could think that, for example, there aren't many tonally similar singers to Eddie Money.  I cannot come up with a singer.  But others may be able to and say "Oh, I think he tonally close to"....(whomever).  Maybe there are several singers that we come up with, singers we don't even know of!

Or someone could say I think Steve Perry is tonally similar to Micky Thomas, and we might agree, or we might disagree, or others might chime in with other singers...and during all this you kind of learn a bit about what others perceive as tonally similar vs. someone else.

I just want us to focus on tonal similarity. It might be fun to see what we all think (or don't think) as tonally similar.

And we might want to build and append to a tree, adding on more and more singers.

So if we started a Steve Perry tree, and we agreed to add Mickey Thomas, maybe we might want to add Fergie Fredricksen to that tree, and so on.

Follow me?

So we'll begin with the Steve Perry Tree (see below.):

Feel free to append to an existing tree, or start a new one, but try and keep them all together. And feel free to disagree as well and just let everybody know why you disagree.

Let's just see where this goes... I will start us off with 3 trees, Steve perry, Dio, and Geoff Tate.

Singers perceived as tonally similar

Steve Perry - Mickey Thomas

Ronnie James Dio 

Geoff Tate









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Actually, Bob you sound closer to Sam Cooke than does Steve Perry.

So, singers that might be similar in our ears, even if not to others -

Billy Corgan - Mick Jagger (the softer parts of Mick)

Justin Furstenfield (singer for Blue October) - sounds similar to Peter Gabriel and here is what  I mean:


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Good calls ronws, I never would have made the connection especially with Billy Corgan now I can hear it. I am including a video of Sam Cooks "Let the good times roll" Journey actually did a cover of this song but you can hear the vocal DNA of Steve Perry was spliced with Sam Cook at some point lol. Again I love this thread, its very interesting especially when others make a connection that sounds wrong on paper until you listen haha.


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There are some similarities between Edu Falaschi and Bruce Dickinson. Edu was actually one of the finalists to replace Bruce after he left Iron Maiden. You can really hear the similarity when he sings "See the madman in his GAZE".

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     I can not contribute much to this conversation. The only  names that I can link are Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson......Of course Bruno cut his teeth on Michael Jackson, It makes sense that they would sound alike......What I have noticed is that one singer will stand out in a specific Genre and soon after a lot of new singers will have that sound.......It may be that Record companies try to capitalize on that sound.......When Avril Levine hit the charts many other artists gravitated to that sound......Same with Adele.

    I wonder if it has more to do with technique than genetics though......I recently commented on a post in the Review section. One of our members contributed a song by Elton John. I mentioned that he had a tight sound somewhat different from Elton who has a Full but Loose sound.....I found out later that he mostly sings Metal and Rock.  which call for a tighter sound.

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I was also going to say Steve Perry to Arnel Pineda but that is kind of obvious;

Jack Russell (Stone Fury, Great White) - a young Robert Plant. (Especially when he was with Stone Fury and they wrote that song that sounded like a derivative of "Kashmir" by Led Zep. And, now and then, Great White will do a Led Zep tune to scratch everyone's itch for that sound.)


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Zakk wylde was insanelly influenced by Ozzy Osbourne. Sometimes you cant even tell the difference. Whiny nasaly phrases and tone really shows when he sings.


Stillborn By Zakk Wylde really demonstrates that.


On phone so i dont have a will to embed

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There were also similar singers within the same genre,

Eddie Vedder - Scott Stapp.


Seriously, when "Higher" came out, I thought it was a new Pearl Jam song. And others had made that comparison and it used to bother Stapp quite a bit.

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Musikman, That singer is close, I like him. Thanks.


Steve Perry - Sam Cooke, Mickey Thomas, Fergie Fredricksen

Eddie Money - i got one - Alex Chilton (The Box Tops)

Jimi Jamison - Richard Page - Freddie Cursi - Danny Vaughn

Grace Slick - Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde)

John Farnham - Mark (Marcie) Free (Signal)

Dennis Deyoung - Michael Sweet (Stryper)

Robert Plant – Ann Wilson

Maynard James Keenan - Freddie Mercury

Stevie Wonder -  Jonah Nilssen (Dirty Loops)

Felix Cavalaire - David Ruffin

Mitch Ryder - Eric Burdon






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