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hi guys

i  have couple for problems.Please help me guys

1.Recently i found my headvoice  i can feel the buzz in my nasal cavity and also around head area but it sounds girls why??? will it gradually be more powerful as it train?

2.My  voice  changes its tone when move from chest to head why does it happen?what  excercise should i do  and how  to smooth it  ? or should let my voice break so that it changes over time??

3.While doing wee wee excercise i can really sing high notes but i cant transalate it to my singing  because when i sing i can only sing less higher notes why?will it gradually change as i practice??

4.what excercises do you suggest for chest to head connection?

I am really sorry that this post is long its because i have no one to ask to and what to search .

I would like to get some suggestions  and i want it really bad

plz help me

Thank you

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Well, work on your voice in a balanced way.  Chest, head separately, sirens down>up and up>down to mix it all up and build coordination, with different kinds of onsets, different acoustic modes, like CVI or T4P use. And everything you can think of, gugs, mums, there's a lot of stuff that can be done.

Explore your voice a lot, and avoid tension. Learn to isolate your voice from muscles you don't need. Build real strength and not use crutches.  Don't feel less capable if you have to lower songs some notes, or if you have to not go as high in your sirens/scales.

Time is key in vocal training :) Let your voice tell you what it wants and needs.


That's pretty much it. Train everyday and be patient. Sing a lot.  That's the best advice someone could give you really.  Some would say get a teacher, and yes that might be awesome too if you could. Good luck!

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In a brief, very simplified nutshell, you need to develop your voice, patiently, over time to where the musculature that is responsible for your folds sealing and the musculature responsible for your folds flexibility can work together in any combination of application.





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Hi averagesinger, these guys offered solid advice already. I would just add that you should upload a sound file of you doing the exercises and attempting to sing stuff that you may fail, etc. This way people here could give you more specific advice tailored to your current needs. Cheers

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