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I wanna hold your hand by the Beatles cover sung by Ellise

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ellise k

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I love it. I want a two part harmony pretty bad though. You might want to say woman instead of girl though to keep the rhyme. :D You're old enough to let it slide. The pause was charming though.

The phrasing and timing could use a little work here and there. Maybe try tapping one hand on the down beat (1 2 3 4), while tapping out the syllables with the other hand and/or your voice. You've got a beautiful voice, you sing with great feeling, and have a great presence. I'm a big fan of push and pull, feel, soul in rhythmic phrasing but but I think it might be sliding just a bit too far. Try subdividing the beat and count out with your  voice, tap it out with your hands, vice versa: 

1 EE and a 2 EE And A 3 EE and A 4 EE and A

And try to figure out where the lyrical stabs are falling. Then push and pull from there. You've got the beginnings of a nice flavor or personality. It's alive and not at all stiff. I feel like a lot of the things you're doing are great, but if they were pulled together a bit tighter it could get the best of both worlds, the feel and the snap of the rhythm.

I'm a huge Beatles fan. They are the reason I started singing in the first place and been wanting to sing Beatles material lately and this is just awesome. Thanks for posting it. You could really be going somewhere. Keep training. Your voice already sounds beautiful, only real possible error there is a loss of support in a few places, where notes kind of drifted down, but I like the naturalness of it. Sounded human and relate-able to me. 

Could be going places. You're already a really good singer and you have time to go wherever you want to go. Your live singing is already better than a lot of live pop performances I've heard prior to auto tune and live processing in the 80s and you're not cosmetically challenged, keep developing your stage presence and maybe even evolve a persona. Sky's the limit, but lots of luck involved.  

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