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Beginner looking for advice

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Ross Crispin

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Hello forum,


My name's Ross and I have been interested in learning to sing for some time, but due to residential constraints (I'm at university here in the UK) I've never had the space to practice and neither the confidence to practice. Saturday I move into my new place with my best friend and there's only us two so I thought this would be the perfect time to begin. 

I'm not really looking to become the next big thing or join a band, it's more of a wind down activity to keep me occupied in between my studies. I have watched a number of videos online, but not really came across much for an absolute beginner. I've read and watched much on the importance of singing from the diaphragm and I know I can breathe efficiently from the diaphragm as It's a way to control anxiety. Cost is an issue, I don't get much in terms of a loan or grant so paying for tuition could be difficult.


But I'm stuck as to where to really begin and that's why I have started this thread, if anyone has any tips or directions it would be a great help. I do appreciate that this is a fairly vague post, so please ask any further questions as I don't really know where to begin or how to give you an idea of what I can and can't do.


Kind regards,


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Hi Ross, welcome to the forum. I think you could start by uploading a sound file of you singing with a backing track (Karaoke style) or a cappella (without accompanying instruments), so people here could start evaluating your skills and giving you advice on what you need to train. Also, you could say what type of music you are into, or would like to sing. Cheers

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