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For a long time, I have been practicing to have similar technique to this vocalist.  Mind you, I do not wish to sound exactly like him, I know that's not possible, but I would like to better understand his techniques and vocal flexibility.  Over the past five years, I have accomplished his range and some use of techniques, but as you will hear in the recording at the bottom, my formant and vocal flexibility are lack luster.  This has been hard to fix for me.  Part of my formant problem is me finding the spaces in my voice where I sound my best.  And, due to imperfect technique, I get tired very quickly.

This is the song I am singing.

Below is the same song with me singing over it.
You should be able to hear it pretty clearly, how much voice doesn't quite have the same overtones, yet, it seems like our vocal tones are within the same ballpark.
You can hear my voice get so, so tired after a while.  Sometimes I sound mouthy and muddled whenever I feel like I sound so much brighter or warmer.  I am unsure of what to be looking for. 


I want to be a performer.  This doesn't sound very healthy to me.  Please help me to understand where my voice needs to be worked on.  Thank you.

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Hi Gallant, 

Welcome to TMV World forum. We are pleased to have you hear and would love to give you some feedback on your singing. The "Review My Singing" forum is where we post and reply for singing reviews. It is a service... Here is the link:



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