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Robert Lunte

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From a recent posting on another blog:

Trained singers are the Olympic athletes of voice. They are called upon to perform incredible feats of agility, muscle isolation, coordination and train to build muscle strength of smaller intrinsic muscles. As such, the trained vocalist is a vocal athlete. Add to that, some genres require the voice to make extreme singing sounds.

For the extreme singer, and those that practice frequently, vocal health must be maintained. As singers we are always interested in learning more about different ways to hydrate, sooth the throat, timing our meals and physical excercise.

I advocate the following for good vocal health for vocal athletes:

- remain hydrated with warm water. If you can get some mint tea, that is helpful. I recommend Celestial Seasonings brand, "mint wizard".

- excercise regularly, especially cardio-vascular to keep your capacity deep, endurance strong and build strong lungs & heart.

- Never yell in noisy clubs or bars when your trying to speek. The speech vocal mode is not made to endure this kind of barking and belting with no resonant placement.

- Always do semi-occulation excercises. Establishing resonant track, buzzing, lip trills, etc... these are called semi-occulations the they help calibrate for a balance of sub & super glottal air pressure, excite the resonators to be primed for singers release and most importantly lays track to allow singers to bridge smoothly through the Passagio, thus not engaging the constrictor and triggering tension creep/chest pulling.

I hope that helps...

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I totally agree, Robert, you have great basic rules.

And I LOVE that TMV has vocal health [preventative self-care] as such a strong, overt, core value.

[can't resist plugging my book "How to Take Care of Your Voice: The Lifestyle Guide," see my profile page for the link.]

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