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This is a question mainly aimed at those familiar with CVT.

I was just wondering if I'm right in thinking that most of this performance (starts at 1:20) is done in neutral without air with creaking or (a very light) distortion.

I'm not entirely sure which.

I'm currently having a bit of trouble with getting above a G# below high C in neutral without air. For some reason I can go an octave above that in either curbing or neutral with air, but not neutral without air.

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Whilst I have no knowledge of CVT, I just wanted to say I was annoyed that he had to leave the competition.

The basis of why he had to leave:

1) He doesn't do only mainstream music.

2) He 'weird' charisma wasn't a hit with everybody.

That show is a joke.

Anyway, sorry I cannot help with your question. Just wanted to throw my hatred at these TVshows out there :D :D

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Of course, I had to watch, because he was doing "my" song. Great voice and I liked his melodic interpretation. As for the costume, it might seem odd, but you should some of the get-ups that Axl Rose used to wear. Back in the day, Axl has worn black biker shorts and a mink stole with a feather boa. Another time a cowboy. A number of athletic jerseys. These days, he wears, jeans, shirt, and a vest and, except for the long, red hair, could pass for a professor. His stage performance was unique and maybe not exactly fitting to the song but hey, Axl would just sway like Davy Jones, so who is copying whom?

To answer the question in the original post, I would ask a question. How would you normally hit G# below high C with solid volume and/or resonance?

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Nathan: I totally agree. He was a great singer, but he had Louis, so he was doomed to fail. He knows NOTHING about rock music and had no idea what to do with him. The closest thing to rock that Louis Walsh knows is probably Robbie Williams.

Videohere: You're probably right. He does have a bit of an arrogant vibe, but maybe that's just the way he performs.

Ronws: I'd usually use overdrive to hit that note. It's just bugging me that I can hit the note fine in every mode other than neutral without air. I've realised that I can also do neutral without air above the high C. It's just the area between G# and high C that's pretty shaky. I suppose it's just a matter of closing the gap.

I'm wondering if it might be an issue with my twanging. Maybe I'm lacking the control needed to close that gap right now. Anyway, I'll keep at it.

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