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i need to clarify

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hi folks,

i see from the many emails i get from box.net that a lot of you are downloading my "bobtwang" file. but it's important to let you know that the vocal on that file was a overly extreme version of twang used just to make a point of what you might be able to do with it if you went wild and crazy with it. it is by no means indicative of twang you might employ to sing with normally. i was just in a mood of letting go that day. so please, the compliments were nice and all...but there's so much more to twang than sounding like paul lynde or kwacking like a duck. lol!! sorry if i mislead anyone.

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It was a valuable exercise, though, and I can do it, though I wonder if I strained myself doing it. For that is the effect I am using on the latest edition of "Highway to Hell" that I recorded. My voice lost part of the range and subtlety of volume for about two weeks and now it's coming back, thank goodness. But I was working hard to come up with the supertwang and some distortion. So, after all, I don't think it was allergies. Or even viral-based partial laryngitis. I think I had lost some muscle coordination, possibly having swollen or non-pliant muscles that were keeping me from hitting certain parts of the range (and not necessarily the highest part.) So, I'm going to go back to the way I normally sing, which is with some twang and hardly any distortion, except for the slightest fry, now and then. That method has served me well for a couple of decades and I should probably stick with that.

Nor is it important that I should try and sound like Bon Scott. Yet, so many people compare the performance to what he would do or sound like. I was trying to give the audience what they wanted and kicked my own butt. In order to save my voice, I will sing it the way I sing and if someone doesn't like it, sorry about their luck.

But I appreciate your examples and ideas. You think like I do. Making concepts simpler is always a good thing.

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