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'BONES' is a GREAT drama!

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Early on, I didn't intend to watch "Bones," but I'm very glad

I gave it a try. The witty dialogue and great acting keep me coming back every week. I bought the Season 1 set and was not

disappointed. I think that as a procedural show,

"Bones" is superior. The cutting-edge technology and unusual

approaches make even the nitty gritty of the cases engaging. Especially interesting is the juxtaposition of the scientific methods

employed by the "squints" and the psychological and intuitive methods used by FBI Agent Booth.

The best part of the show is the relationship between Dr.

Brennan and Agent Booth. The Season 1 set provides the captivating opportunity to watch them banter back and forth through every

episode and ultimately establish a relationship that is closer than either of them ever thought it would be.

In Agent Booth, it's nice to see an unapologetically masculine character who is a Christian, loves his son, and believes in the work he

does. Boreanaz plays this for real-not at all tongue-in-cheek. Emily Deschanel also does well with Dr. Brennan's technical dialogue and

lack of knowledge about popular culture. The other characters are also cleverly written and acted.

"Bones" keeps getting better, but this set is a fine



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