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This guy's vocal technique...

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I've to sing in this genre i.e Indian/Bollywood. 
I can hit those notes in a belty "Ken Tamplin" style but can't sing them like this. I wanna sing light yet moderately powerful. A weird "crying" or whiny sound is all I get when I attempt that and I break alot.
What is this guy's technique? This is the sound I crave.
(At 6:00) Jesus Christ.. that ease yet fullness.

At 00:28

I cannot even do an F4 this easy.. A range like this from C4 is C5 is all I need for my singing.

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he sings in a really good mix. you won't find that spreading the vowels out wide like you are used to. you need to practice getting into a solid mix around E4 using vowels like ouh(as in book,put,nook etc) and ih like bit, sit etc. you need to fight the tendency of the voice moving outwards eh and opened uh which you are used to. There is nothing wrong with that just a different coordination.. do exercises moving the voice in not out. just stay relaxed in the face and add a little cry and don't get louder stay the same volume but don't break. this might help..goto around 5:28.  this is not the be all end all its a start 




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