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A little help with distortion, please

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Hey all :D

I have never been a natural in using distortion, my voice has always been clean. I never use distortion when I speak, and I feel like I can't yell like most people can. Like... I just can't yell, lol

I've been playing around with my voice and I found this coordination. I believe I'm finally getting the hang on how to adduct the false folds isolating them from my vocal folds.

Here's the example:


I used to get the sound with a very heavy mass phonation, and I was unable to bridge, blocked the air completely and most of the time, it ended up in tickles or some nasty feeling, so I avoided doing that Hetfield kind of grit.

Now I found  this lighter approach, where I finally could get just a hazy, comfortable distortion and I could get it higher and bridge normally. It doesn't affect my voice and in fact it leaves my high range quite clear, as I also show in the clip ( it is tyring in my voice though if I do it too much, though, which is normal I guess )
It's still hard to get it on my higher range, it is there, but barely noticeable. The sensation is there, so that's the important part I think haha

I plan on practicing this on the area between C4 and G4, as it is where I feel it easier to get, and also a safer range for me if I do something wrong. Also, I will try to take out the air as much as I can from everything, to avoid dehyration and keep it "safer" I guess. Some phonations in there are very breathy I know, but they served the purpose.

To people that have more experience with this kind of thing, I'd like to ask. Do you think I'm planning this the right way?

Thank you in advance, guys :P 

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xamedhi, it's all relative. If you know what you're doing, a sound is just a sound. No good/bad positive/negative connotations..but if you're developing upper range with "power" I'd say get rid of this coordination. Either learn how to sing with power and clarity, or learn how to sing with power and distortion(both false fold/ true fold-creaking.) what you're doing here sounds like recipe for disaster...but as usual on the internet, I have no idea what true intention is.

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What I don't get is what do you think is happening in that clip?  

I got that coordination playing around with this, and I know it sounds different, of course it will, Jens has been practicing this for years.}

I don't have much control ( or any, lol ) over my false cords, so in my chest range it sounds as dirty as it will sound, and my high range, the inner walls still don't come close enough to make sound.

In my clip, from 0:14 to 20 aprox is when I get the coordination best. The "filter" sound. then I'd like to apply it to full voice.


Did I explain myself better now :) ?


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Bro that clip was for Jon pall hehe it's not by anymeans anything you should go near if you struggle with distortion. Then it can be potentially dangerous.

so dont go at distortion from that angle go from the twanged witchy sound non airy and get a feel for it

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Thanks Jens :)   I can't get the sound doing the witch's cackle, it just sounds like a louder, very metallic EE. It's like my false folds don't quite come together.  I'll keep trying a couple of minutes a day and see what happens


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