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Any tips/comments on my singing? (U2-One)

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Hey guys,

ok, here is me singing U2 - One :


Now, simply, I would like if you can listen to that and give me any possible tips/comments about my singing. How good is it?

...btw, I know attempt at screaming at the end in this recording is not so easy to listen, but I managed to fix that later on, this was recorded before ..

Also, I think I sing too much using my chest resonance, or maybe a mixed voice, for me it's like very default, and I tried learning that 'singing in head voice' stuff for months (I bought Singing Succes at one point) and that just didn't work for me at all, and when I say 'at all' I mean AT ALL!! so I guess something like head voice is not the term very familiar to me :) (or it is? You tell me...:) and it's much more easier for me to sing like I do this song.

Also, based on this being my type of singing: is there any good product for vocal lessons (DVD, book..) you recomend that I can learn from, just don't let it be Singing Succes.. nothing against them, I know it works wonders for many people, but I'm not one of them ;)

Any thoughts and words of visdom appreceated :)



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