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For anyone who can't afford lessons or would like some free one on one

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frank petrucci

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email me at frankpetrucci@yahoo.com even if you're not interested currently you might want to write it down b/c i'm not sure what's gonna happen on this board----right now i'm offering vocal help for free on skype or if you live in nashville....this is only going to be for a limited time...so take advantage while you can, I can only take on a few more people so sorry if i can't get to everyone, you will get a response though either way

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You are welcome to contribute and share your points of view and thoughts on vocal technique. And its ok to make reference to your teaching, but my advise is to do so in a way that also offers some educational content or information for the rest of the community. Draw attention to your service by sharing your knowledge and experience with others first, then offer your service. I hope this helps...

Give me a call sometime, I would like to speak to you. Afternoons are best, Seattle time.


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