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The Differences between TVS & SS?

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i may not remember well the original topic but it has been opened by " because i could not get into the CVT forum etc...", so i thought emmabee had to contact cvt forum first before posting here, that's all. I don't refer to what happened on cvt forum about robert, things have been clarified well on this topic on cvt forum, and i may lose my temper sometimes too lol ;-)


Sorry if i've offended you, was not my intention, if you read my posts here you'll learn that i'm glad to help people when i can whatever method people talking about, and i am definitly not a "talking crap guy", i may be wrong, (i'm just human after all)if it is i appoligize, you know i'm a little tired and i may have been confused.

So now that the topic has opened again, why don't you just ask your question ;-)

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EmmaBee... I am the founder of TVS... and here is my best, fair answer for you. There are actually a LOT of differences, but Im just going to hit on the high points for you.


1. has its roots in Speech Level Singing, among other things, this means there is a strong emphasis on maintaining neutral laryngeal configurations. Perfectly healthy, perfectly fine, perfectly well suited for beginners and more moderate genres.


2. Many SS students come to TVS to take their training to a new level. TVS tends to be more advanced for most singers. We offer a set of unique vocalizes that can not be found with any other training system that tend to be very hard. We focus a lot on bridging registers and head voice development. Important to the TVS techniques is the recognition and practice of vocal mode pedagogy. We will examine certain physiological configurations of the larynx that SS does not address. These "vocal modes" include a vocal mode that is discussed frequently on this forum called, "twang". When mastered, twang can transform your singing into an amazing thing. The list of benefits are longer then I have the strength to discuss right now... Ive been teaching for 20 hours and am quite spent.... This twang mode we work on, is a "lifted" or "tilted" laryngeal position.... quite the opposite of what SS is teaching. The result is, you can achieve the most amazing power and stability in your head voice singing. As a woman, you can rid yourself of any windy choral sounds you probably feel are an issue and make your head voice sound like a chest belt. Frankly, its absolutely amazing the kind of sounds we are able to help our singers achieve in a very short period of time. TVS is probably a little bit edgier, more "extreme singing" oriented. Although we certainly do work with beginners, if you have a foundation from previous voice study, TVS works wonders.


Due to a very recent post that occurred on the CVI Forum that was identical, that resulted in slightly unsavory communications by all parties... I will have to ask that any comments on this post remain entirely positive. You will explain what is positive about SS and what is positive about TVS only, thank you ahead of time. This will not be allowed to be turned into a "roast" for anybody. Nor, are we going to carry one about why a post was deleted.

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