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nasal strips; allergens, congestion, and deviated septum

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Here's my experience with Breathe Right nasal strips.

It's kinda expensive for a tiny piece of plastic. I can't wait till the patent expires.

Works very well--slowly opens the nostrils for better breathing. More importantly, for singers, my impression is that it facilitates the drainage of mucus by better airflow.

Its instructions are terrible. So, here are better instructions:

1. Place the strip as an arched bridge over the nose.

2. Clean nose and let dry a few minutes before applying--glue stays better.

3. The tan color type has a much stronger adhesive than the clear type.

If you have congestion or deviated septum, and need to get some medicated spray up in your nose, this works very well. Note your nasal open-close cycle to best time when to use this. This is particularly important if one nasal side has more difficulties than other.

Though apparently Breathe Right can be used for an extended period of time, I have doubts about this. In my case, using it for an eight hour period of time may have caused some form of unusual stuffiness on in my high-nose area, and was unable to sing optimally.

I've looked at several other types of nasal passage opening devices, and tried a couple of these. Wasn't really impressed. Breathe Right is the most expensive one to use though.

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