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  1. Whistle register/First Video :)

    my head has exploded
  2. Whistle register/First Video :)

    I dont know if anyone gets the point im trying to make or if im confusing myself for no good reason because im an idiot haha. But basically if these notes she is singing are really C2's G#2's then i can sing into the 2nd octave, if not then they are really c3's and i can only go as low as C3. Pheeewwwwwwwwwwwww :cool:
  3. Whistle register/First Video :)

    My conclusion to all of this is basically i can sing a C-D3 And so can Mariah although everything on the internet says C2 its "Scientifically" a C3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuV_27TVT8w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMm3wdF1qtM For arguments sake, these two videos demonstrate notes in the 2nd octave but really scientifically they are 3's?? This is why i am confused because i can hit all of these low notes perfectly singing them, so i assumed i was in the 2nd octave but was told further up that its actaully a C3 not C2 that im hitting because my keyboard only has 61 keys lol I think my head is going to explode!!!!!!! hahahaha
  4. Whistle register/First Video :)

    haha your pic made me laugh. Ok i have a 61 key keyboard.. So basically my lowest note is technically a C-D3 and that is technically mariahs lowest key then? As i have listen to absolutely everything possible demonstrating her lowest notes and i can hit them all so then she would be a C3? not actually a C2 because then that would mean i would be a C-D2. So then is it wrong to say i can hit a D2 if all her videos showing the C2 note are actually a C3? If you know what i mean? Its just frustrating and confusing me because it says everywhere she can hit a C2 and all the videos and songs to back that fact up are notes i can hit? This is why im confused. And im sorry i am naturally blonde and i am sure that is whats contributing to my confusion haha
  5. Whistle register/First Video :)

    Thank u :)
  6. Whistle register/First Video :)

    Ok so what is my lowest then? If its around the secOnd D on the piano? Which octave is that?
  7. Garage gig recording of me singing

    Your tune is good, i like how it sounds but when you hit the higher note you sound very weak, but you can improve that easily with singing lessons and a lot of practice. I would recommend a vocal coach (i just started going after 10 years and it made a HUGE difference even after my first lesson) All i can really say is practice every day! Sounds good so far
  8. Whistle register/First Video :)

    Thank you Will be posting up more videos soon which will be more aimed at showing my whole range :)
  9. Whistle register/First Video :)

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Yes all my tattoos are real There is a mariah carey song called "If its over" Towards the end she reaches an A6 i think? I can belt all the notes in that song with my chest voice, just an example of my range as im not too smart when it comes to notes on the piano, i failed in a lot of theory work when i was studying music as all i wanted to do was sing and record. This will sound very retarded but i can go as low as the 12th note on the piano (including sharps) And i was pretty sure that was around the second octave, correct me if im wrong please, i really need to learn how to play piano i think it will really benefit me haha. I have a very temperamental voice, some days i struggle so bad to hit anything in the high 4th octave and other days i can belt all the way up til the last 12 notes on the piano just depends on how warmed up i am or if i was around air-conditioning all day. But as i mentioned, today i am picking up my condenser so i will be able to record better quality videos from home, will let you know soon as i post a video showing more of my range :)
  10. Whistle register/First Video :)

    Thanks for the feedback Im open to hear areas where i may need improvement That track was recorded at Babie mind studios in Thailand by a friend of mine, she is a great producer. It is a premade backing track unfortunately it was all i could afford at the time. They are my lyrics also, would love to re-do the track as i ran out of idea in the chorus and it became really repetitive haha Occasionally i get someone to make my backing tracks from scratch but i just cant seem to find anyone who can really capture what im trying to achieve and i kinda gave up and leant towards just buying cheap pre-made backing tracks that i felt i could work with and write to. I regret not paying attention in music theory back in high school and wish i stuck to playing piano! My first video was just singing into the built in mic on my mac in photobooth LOL
  11. Whistle register/First Video :)

    Forget it.. not gonna waste my time.
  12. Whistle register/First Video :)

    By the way i dont want people to tell me how awesome i am, that doesnt help me at all. I want to communicate with down to earth kind hearted people who can give me constructive criticism minus the rudeness and arrogance
  13. Whistle register/First Video :)

    Who are you to judge which notes i can and cant hit when you havent even heard me sing them? You are judging my whole register based on a crappy video i recorded slouching on a couch when i really cbfd making a video. Yes i am open to criticism and i am MORE than happy to hear what i need to improve on but there is a nice and normal way to put it without trying to sound like an arrogant wanker. Im a female and you are male, has a bit more respect, i have just joined this site and dont really want to be on here if everyone is going to be rude like you. There are days when i am completely off pitch for sure, everyone has bad days but maybe you should listen to more of my material before telling me straight up "what good are whistle notes if you cant sing the rest of the range" You havent heard my range so you cannot judge like that.
  14. Whistle register/First Video :)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXo1K5C-Y2Q My last video was obviously too badly out of pitch so here is another one, hope this one doesnt hurt ur ears mate :)