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  • This is a QUICK ACCESS vocal training page that is designed to to do one thing, get you to your trianing NOW.

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    Login > Select the training excercise you want > View the demonstration video > Select the solo piano workout file > Begin training!


  • Computer or any mobile device
  • A Keyboard (Can Be An App. or Something Small & Simple)
  • Amplification With Microphones If Possible, But Not Required


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The TVS vocal training course and book is widely considered to be the most comprehensive and complete home study vocal training system ever developed for singers of all styles and levels of experience. Sold in over 160 countries. Enjoy this "light" version of the famous TVS vocal training program, now available to The Modern Vocalist World members at an amazing price!

Founder and producer of the The Vocalist Studio and The Vocalist Studio Method, Maestro Robert Lunte, has produced an intensive vocal training system that not only shows you what to do, but explains why and how with scientific and practical application. With very clear, step by step instructions and video demonstrations of how to train your singing voice, Become a Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System is for any student that is prepared to train and practice with the expectation of gaining lasting, life changing progress.

What You Get When You Enroll:

  • Real-Time customer service chat system where you can communicate with the course creator in person!
  • Access to 119 page eBook for you to have.
  • Training Workflow diagrams that show you step by step, which workouts to train and when.
  • 53 High Definition videos of Robert Lunte demonstrating ALL the vocal workouts. Train over the videos!
  • 53 vocal workouts, offered in slow and fast versions.
  • 53 vocal workouts specially made for both men and women.
  • 32 guide files that allow you to train over a pre-recorded track to learn how the exercises go.
  • Notation of every workout for those that can read music and follow notes.
  • Step by step instructions and detailed routines that teach you exactly WHAT to do and HOW.

Enroll now, start following through Robert's explanations, and apply the practice techniques.

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