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  1. Mike Lowrey

    Vowel Modifications / Sound colours

    Hi Man ! Thanx for your response ! Sorry for the late answer , yes , I did a mistake about that a/ae vowel :-) I went back to the Vowels and formant lectures ... It said that you can have 3 vowels together , if I got it right ! Really interesting... Having the Vowel you're meant to pronounce + a/ae in the forward palate + that Uh in the backward soft palate must feel like a kinda stretch, right ? Sorry too for not having checked the book yet, I will ASAP Guys, feel free to participate , I'd love to have your input too, if you want : - ) ( The first post was a Copy/Paste of an email question and I shared it there , didn't mean to exclude anybody : - ) ) Thanx a lot !!!
  2. Hey Rob ! Howzitgoin' ? I'm practicing ( not as much as I would want : Work + daughter and stuff ...) During our lesson, we was reaching an E4 and then came the time to do vowel modifications We went obviously from Eh to a Ah or Uh and you said : Ah is your Trebble knob, Uh is your Bass Knob and said that formants are this : Multiple sound colours at the same time Is that to say that we can have simultaneously Eh+AH+Uh vowels blended together ? or is it just EH+AH or EH+ Uh Simply put : Can we have more than 2 vowels blended together ? If yes, how many of them then ? Question might sound silly, but I was wondering Let me know Thanx