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  1. doubletrouble

    I think I'm a tenor, but I want to be baritone

    its not a matter of learning foundational singing. what i meant was that I no longer have the mentality of categorizing this note as headvoice and that note as chest voice. i just enter whatever "register" feels comfortable when singing any particular phrase. i know what chest and head voice is. my main problem with singing is that im not happy with my natural singing and speaking voice and was wondering if there was any technique to manipulate my voice to deceive others into thinking that i sound a lot older than i really am (i'm 22) because my natural voice is bright and twangy and its something im trying to get rid of, but it feels unnatural doing so. i can sing naturally, but i just dont like the sound. i have a short clip of me singing ive got a woman by ray charles that ill try to upload tonight when i get home from work. i went over the top with the vocals, so i apologize, but i just wanted to demonstrate my predicament; screams and all.
  2. Throughout my senior year I trained myself to hit high notes and listened to every singer who hit notes in the 4th and 5th octave. I can reach them now, but looking back I wish I focused more on tone. In fact, I don't really care much about the notion of head and chest voice--I only hit notes if it sounds and feels good, now. IME, if I try to classify notes via chest or head, I end up running around in circles. But back on topic, I don't like my timbre, it's light and thin--I like heavier voices now (think Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Seal). I have this habit where I record myself every time I sing and when I play it back, I close my eyes and try to envision a face that matches my voice; I don't envision a manly figure. Instead, it sounds like a 18-22 year old singing back to me (think pop artists on today's radio). I don't know any vocal terms, but if I were to describe my problem I'd say that my voice seems too bright and twangy. Whenever I try to mitigate the brightness and twanginess, I end up closing my throat and high notes become impossible to reach. I know this is a weird way to put it, but I want to be able to sound like I have a thick jaw (like Ray Charles, or Michael Bolton). Some days, I'll be satisfied with my sound, but even during those days I'll only achieve my goal with a single phrase, or sentence instead of a whole song. Im aware you can't change your voice, but are there any techniques that will darken my voice and make it "manlier"? I'm tired of sounding like a teenager. I'll try to get a recording tonight or tomorrow to give you guys an idea of what my voice sounds like.