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10 Ways to Create Instant Success in Your Music Career

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I know, instant success sounds like a hard sell well, not really when you consider that every instant that goes by that you don't have the list below flowing for you well, you are losing out. I know that there is SO much advice out there that it's hard to know which way to go and what to follow that's why I made it easy for you and put together my top 10 ways to create success right away. Kickstart your success asap with these!

  1. Your own dedicated URL. You must have your own URL: www.yourname.com. Reverbnation, Facebook, (dare I mention MySpace) You Tube = are not good enough on their own, and don't really build your following (check out BandZoogle.com to build your own).
  2. A Twitter account period. If at all possible try to make your Twitter handle (name) your name. At least start with your name otherwise it's impossible to find you.
  3. Build social proof. This proves you have an audience. Be actively online almost every day.
  4. Have an easy to find mailing list sign up form on www.yourname.com. The most valuable commodity you have is your tribe of followers. Make it easy for them to follow you.
  5. Believe in yourself. Do not wait for permission from others to be you. Lady Gaga didn't ask for permission.
  6. Help others. The best question you can ask someone else is How can I help? I've built my career helping others.
  7. Bring value to others. Don't self-promote (so 90's). Promote others.
  8. Grow a team of professionals. Nobody in this industry does it alone ever. Start with your vocal coach, guitar or piano teacher and add from there. Pick your team and then stick with them that's how you get somewhere. You'd be surprised who knows who. I see too many people jumping from person to person that's not how it happens. People do things for people they know-like and trust and no one who is worth their beans will introduce you to anyone in the industry unless they know-like and trust you. Prove your worth.
  9. Follow up. The number one mistake most artists make is not following up. If you ever saw the enormous amount of emails and phone calls I get on a daily basis, you would never ever think that I even got the call or email you left/sent. Well, sometimes I don't sometimes they slip through the cracks because I am overwhelmingly busy. It's natural that most high functioning professionals are extremely busy and in most cases you have to continue to reach out until you hear back from them. (Don't pound them with email every day do it appropriately).
  10. Get help. Period. It is proven that people that get help succeed over ones who don't. If you're looking for something to jumpstart your career and take you to new heights, hop on board my new program Fast Forward to Fame starting today you'll get major support (from me) and accountability as well as learning everything you need to know about having an artist-based business and career! Check out some of the artists already in the program http://www.fastforwardtofame.com/2011-students/

The train to fame is boarding soon are you on the platform?

©2011 Cari Cole, Vocal Mag, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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