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5 Ways to Build a Music Brand that Goes the Distance

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Are you looking to make it big in music? I suspect you might be or you have dreams of artistic aspirations to satisfy some never-ending burning thirst for expression that won't leave you be. I'm right there with you. Matter of fact, I have some great news one of my songs I co-wrote with my artist Rainsford (Rainey Qualley who I worked with for several years) and my friend Jeff McErlain, is coming out in theaters this Memorial Day, Mighty Fine. It's called Silver Lining and it runs over the credits! Yeah, it's a big deal over here in Cari Cole land (happy dance) these accomplishments are much-celebrated cherished actually. I don't take them for granted. I feel fortunate, but then again, I made my own luck. The truth is, luck doesn't just waltz in the door, it's the fruit of real labor, otherwise it doesn't really stick.

There's one thing I have learned for sure, and it's how to build a brand. I probably would have been good at marketing if I didn't go into music (or I would have been a great naturopath that's a whole nother blog.) As my coach says (yes I have one, wouldn't be without one), marketing is energy and it's how you express that energy that either draws people to you or pushes them away. I talk a lot about that and much more about building a brand in my Fast Forward to Fame Program & Blueprint , which basically teaches music artists who are just releasing a record or getting ready to, how to build an Artist-based Business & Career in the new online business model.

Here’s 3 of many tips from that program:

  1. Your LIST (email list) is the most important thing over and above any social media numbers period.
  2. You need systems in place. Email automation and VA Assistance (and if you don't know what that is you need to take the Fast Forward program.)
  3. A regular newsletter that goes out every 2 weeks no matter what that's about THEM (not you.) Same day, same time every 2 weeks. Consistent marketing brings consistent results. Be interesting and engage others. OK you can have one section at the bottom about you and your music but that's it!
  4. One photo plastered across all platforms, social media and across all of your pages (ONE really great shot not two, not three ONE.)
  5. Mindset is probably the most important asset you have. A crummy mindset gets crummy results.

There's some really cool things coming up in the next several weeks around here so if you're not already on the list you should opt-in at www.caricole.com

Love you guys!!!




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