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A Demonstration of Vocal Distortion

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Vocal distortion always gets a good clap at my Master Class. I don't know exactly why it gets such an excited response from participants, but I think it has to do do with the primitive desire of the audience "see blood" in the show. Not literally of course, but figurative. It sounds dangerous and is thrilling. Of course we cannot give the audience real blood, but we can train techniques that create the illusion that we are in regards to the ever popular vocal effect, distortion.



Healthy distortion is produced by creating noise in the vocal tract, not by grinding tissue and that is the key to successful, vocal distortion techniques. The work flow and techniques for producing the three kinds of distortion below are provided in my new vocal technique training system,"The Four Pillars of Singing" 2.0  with full video demonstrations and book guidelines.

Below is a video moment from the recent TVS Masterclass in Munich, Germany. The event was sponsored by RODE Microphones, TC-Helicon and our TVS Master Certified Instructor in Germany, Anke Lopez and her German team. This is a demonstration of three kinds of vocal distortion we teach at The Vocalist Studio.
  1. "Overlay" Distortion.
  2. "Overlay" Distortion with Husk
  3. "ESDI" (Extreme Scream Distortion Inhale).




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