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Are You Commitment Phobic?

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I talk to a ton of artists, wanna-be artists, young aspiring artists, indie artists and established artists. It seems they all struggle with commitment. It's either commitment to their craft, their art or their longevity.

I think it could be a human dilemma

My experience has taught me that human beings resist Commitment and Completion (and Love, but that's another article). But today I want to talk about Commitment and Completion - two forces that put Resistance into motion.

Today I spoke to an artist who has yet to get her music off the ground but is passionate and loves performing. She often gets audience members commenting on how her songs touch them and yet she is still questioning whether she should pursue her music. She hasn't even really given it a shot and she's asking me my opinion of whether she should give it up or not?

We've talked over the past year several times (I have NO idea why I jump on the phone with her usually no one can get me on the phone more than once) but something is calling me to talk to her however I can't make the decision for her; she must make it herself.

She even said to me today that she is listening to too many people and not holding high council with herself. I agreed and sent her off to consult the oracle and come back to me with an answer. Either way, I'm here for her. But is she there for herself?

But it calls me to speak to the dilemma of Commitment that so many of us, artists or entrepreneurs alike, struggle with. And without it, nothing happens. Nothing.

Crazy how that works huh? I can't tell you how many times I have talked to people about artists (everyone's an expert now thanks to American Idol) who are so incredibly talented, but still nothing seems to happen for them. Or the lucky bastards who magically seem to manifest connections and opportunities even when they're not that artistically talented. But every time, with a little digging, when we get down underneath the surface and talk about the truth, it's always an issue of Commitment.

So you have an inkling.. a desire is born (rocket of desire, as Abraham-Hicks says). Don't give up before you start. Just stand behind it know that if you want it, it can be yours, but not without Effort a lot of it. And ask yourself the question:

Imagine you are in your Golden Years looking back at your life and you never followed through on your desire to pursue your music. Could you live with that?

The answer is your answer.

Don't give up. Be strong master Commitment. The world needs YOUR music.


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