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Getting Support from Community Access Television

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Recently, I was working on an application for my band, The Jazz Generation, to The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad program. One of the requirements was a recording of representative music. While I have a recording studio, it is for recording, then mixing tracks. In this case, I needed a live recording that would accurately represent the way we would sound on tour. Access Sacramento, with a modest fee to cover crew costs, was able to meet our need and did a fantastic job. The recorded performance is being broadcast on 6 days, beginning Saturday, August 15, 2009. Exact times and dates ae listed in my events. I highly recommend this option. We had a very short timeline with little time to prepare. Cable access channels are of great service and absolutely professional. I hope some of our viewing audience will let us know they were there. To understand the kinds of services possible, check out Access Sacramento's website. It helps if you have already donated volunteer time to the station or helped in some other way. Reciprocity makes all things better..


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