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God's smile - Elisabetta Errani Emaldi's collection of saying and thoughts

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God's smile

Elisabetta Errani Emaldi's collection of saying and thoughts

If we pollute Mother Earth, we also poison ourselves and our future.

Who does not respect nature is an involved man separated from love for himself and for humanity.

The depressed does not know that he is the victim of himself, because he does not realize that the thought

is energy that creates, then he crushes himself from his pessimism and


Man, when he realizes that hurting the others, he hurts himself to; then, he will never be again the victim of his ignorance.

Today's bad luck depends on what has been sown in the infinite past. Today's fortune is the fruit of what has been sown in the infinite past.

Bad luck is not the result of the case, but the fruit of our thoughts and selfish actions, so luck will surely come neither from a charm nor a horn, but only from altruism.

Truth contains an energy that leads evolved human beings to recognize it; on the other hand, confusion and blindness have born in minds of those who haven't yet made a certain path in order to recognize it.

Destiny of each person is the cause and effect of what we have sown in the past.

The kind of fate that awaits us depends only on what each of us has sown in the past. So if everything goes wrong , we have only to blame ourselves.

One who truly wants to change for the better is already on the track, because the thought is energy that creates, then with an accurate reflection he will reach the goal.

Continually complaining of our mishaps, we only increase them, creating other negative thoughts form that in due course we will have to undergo.

The hatred grows only in the minds of fools, because they do not know that the energy they create with their self-feeling is self-destructive, only forgiveness can redeem the danger of

running that risk.

The racist is an alone man, separated from love for humanity, at the mercy of waves in storm that will drag him in the hellish suffering of his ignorance.

All religions, when teaching love and brotherhood, lead the man's soul to the union with the one and only divine source.

Man must remember that is a unique soul united to humanity, then we are all brothers, because sons of the same God, for this

reason we must abandon individual nationalism and selfishness, working instead

for the good of the community.

Energy follows thought, then the man, in his small, feeling of desire, becomes a creator. For this reason, if he wants a better future, he must turn his thoughts to the

common good and abandon the selfish one, because only then he becomes a creator

of love that gathers what seeding.

We collect what we sow, said the Christ. But we must remember that those who will sow only for the good harvest, will not have created a

work of love, but of interest, so will not have the same value.

Let us remember that insurmountable barriers are created by our limitations, which exist only because we believe in them, then we must realize our way of thinking

pessimistic and transform it in


One day man will understand that the body is a temple that simply serves to keep prisoner on this earth the soul, which evolving through the experience, at the death of the

body, leaves the material world and go back, emancipated, to the original heavenly dimension.

We must remember that our suffering is the result of the energy that follows our selfish thoughts, aimed at personal pleasure. The only way to the inner peace is going

to be crossed by whom will be able to

leave himself for the good of the community.

Without reflection we do not reach the goal, we will remain prisoners of our limitations, drown in ignorance, that inevitably will poison

our heart of naughtiness and suffering, delaying our inner development.

Who will be able to remove from his mind the negative thoughts and fill it with love for all creation, will be illuminated, then will live in peace, even if unfortunately

he will be surrounded by the suffering of those who still have to work hard on

themselves, to achieve it.

The vicious, until he will not release its attachments to drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc., will remain just a poor slave at the mercy of his auto destruction.

We must realize that the thought poorly directed not only leads to sufference, but the energy that animates it contaminates the

psyche, causing depression and at the end attacks the body with the disease.

Our attachments make us slaves, then we must detach quickly to be free from a world where unfortunately the prevailing ignorance enslaves people and causes suffering to

its neighbours.

The human being's energy, when he prays for the good of humanity, follows the thought, then he becomes a small creator of love that will gives life to thought

forms of light always more powerful that will illuminate the world.

The human being, once he has realized that he is responsible for his happiness, then will be able to detach from his illusions, break down the pride and direct its energies

to build a better future.

Loneliness is the result of a selfish way of directing thoughts by the man who, however, is not able to use his time in a constructive


Who believes that it is an utopia to do great things for the good of humanity, and doubts from the altruist, is a mediocre that reflects his ignorance on others.

Who does not believe in the inner development of men, is an ignorant who has not even been

able to note the examples of the big evolved in the past.

                                                         Great human beings thoughts appear as utopias to mediocre people.

Fear is a negative thought form that goes back with the same speed of a boomerang to the sender, who becomes then a martyr of his


All religions lead to the same source, while the fanatics in their ignorance act with violence and stupidity to divide and sow terror. There are no boundaries, we are all

brothers, but the fanatics do not want to understand, so they fall under the

blade of their self knife becoming

victims of their damned work.

No matter what you do for the good of the community, there will always be some mediocre who does not believe in your good faith and will try to discourage you for envy or

for ignorance, but you, knowing to be on

the good track, do not get distracted by anyone, carry on undaunted and complete your work.

Let us remember that every problem arises from our minds bad directed by ourselves, then we must learn to direct it with optimism and intelligence, and we will discover a

new world, without the hell that usually each of us create.






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