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Oh YouTube, such a love hate relationship

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No but really, apparently the YouTube community who have found my videos can't decide if they love me or hate me. My comments are split down the middle with pretty much no middle ground. It's weird, after receiving nasty comments from people, I realized that I don't think I've ever left someone a nasty comment. Typically, If I don't like something, I do this crazy thing called stopping the video and browsing away. There are millions of videos on YouTube, finding an alternative is very easy. I've listened to my fair share of awful singers on YouTube and mediocre and some amazing ones. I always try to compliment the wonderful ones and let the mediocre ones know when they get something spot on. But I think the only time I comment negatively on someone's video is if they ask for critique or seem generally open to it and then I try to be as constructive as I can. Maybe I'm missing out on this supposed joy some people get by tearing into people with rude comments but I honestly don't care. I was raised that if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all. And truly, telling someone "you suck" or "omfg plz stop singing" or, my favorite, (direct quote!) "Stop raping the song, you c*nt!" doesn't really do any good for either side.

Really, I hope you feel awful if you have the nerve to tell someone that, especially if you wouldn't dare put yourself out there and sing in front of anyone unless you were drunk as hell as is so often the case. And putting someone down is never ok. That doesn't help them improve. And you really want to stop someone from singing? I mean, there are some people's singing that I will never listen to for pleasure, no denying, but I would never ever tell someone to stop altogether. They may never be a professional or even rock a karaoke bar or even be able to harmonize Happy Birthday. So what? So long as they're having fun, why ruin that? No one's hurting you. Oh, your precious ears, I'm sorry! *cue tiniest violin* But wait, here's a novel idea, did you ever think to close the window? No one's forcing you to listen to anyone or watch their videos. Or even use the internet. There's sooooo much out there to do in the world. You cannot tell me that you can't find anything better to do with your time than to ruin someone's day. Read a book. Do your laundry. Eat a pickle. Go weed your garden. Don't have one? Go weed your neighbor's garden. Or weed the park. Any of those are significantly more productive and, I garuntee you, more useful to society than your bullying.

And now that I've let out that annoyance, I'm going to take my own advice and go do something more productive than rant about cowards on the internet. Like my homework.

Anyone else had experience with negativity on the internet? How have you dealt with it?



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